Here are answers to some of the questions I am most frequently asked. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact me.

I have questions about the piece. How can I reach you?

Call me at 508-881-9126.

How do I purchase a piece?

Call me and say you want it. Then send me a check and I will ship the work to you.

May I return it if I don't like it?

Yes. I will refund your money once I receive it back.

May I download and use your images or send them to others?

Sorry, no. This is a violation of my copyright.

How is it best to frame and hang watercolors?

  1. The purpose of the frame is to protect the painting from light, dampness, and knocks. Inexpensive mass-produced frames are not suitable for watercolors.
  2. If you purchase a piece that is already framed, it will have UV protected glass. Still, do not hang it in direct sunlight. Indirect bright light is fine.
  3. If you purchase an unframed piece and have it framed yourself, make sure to use UV protected glass. Sometimes you need museum quality glass or non-glare glass to prevent reflections from disrupting the gaze. Some non-glare glass gives a slightly fuzzy or blurry appearance which is not suitable for work which has crisp lines. Consult a professional framer if you are uncertain which glass to use. Or I will assist you as best I can if you call me.
  4. The frame and matting should not detract or distract from the work itself. Resist the temptation to match frames or matting to your décor without regard to the painting. Choose what looks best for the painting and then place it in your home where it looks best. The use of neutral matting (various whites, greys, beiges) and frames (silver, black, white, grey, natural wood) usually allows a painting to go any number of places.
  5. Hang the work at eye level.

Do you sign your work? I don't see a signature.

I sign my work in the unpainted margin of the painting so it is generally covered by the matt. I find the signature distracting.

Do you accept commissions?

I do not.

Where do you live? Can I come view the work in person?

Absolutely. I live in Massachusetts near Framingham. Call me to arrange an appointment.

I like one of the paintings but don't care for the frame. Can I get it unframed?

Maybe. It depends on the work. For some of the paintings I am very committed to the frame. Call me and we can discuss it.

Do you have work that is not on the website? If so, can I see it?

Yes. Call me and I can send you other images.